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From "Laurian Gridinoc" <>
Subject Re: Jindent
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2000 13:10:13 GMT
there is a codeformatter on
i'm not sure how free those beans are

"A lightweight JavaBean which filters Java code files and formats them for
easier viewing and analysis. Formatting includes word-wrapping,
line-indentation, and tab replacement. Good for cleaning up
machine-generated code.
A CodeFormatter takes its input from a stream and generates output to a
stream. All parameters of the bean are configurable (e.g. input/output
streams, maximum line-length, size of indentation step, delimiters). The
bean is very small and light, because it does not fully parse the file.
Rather, it looks for key identifiers in the code (e.g., curly braces, math
operators, etc.) as formatting signposts.

A programmer can set preferred formatting specifications and easily format
or reformat machine-generated or hand-generated ".java" files.


Laurian Gridinoc
Chief Technology Officer, Inc.
Hell is empty and all the devils are here.
  -- Shakespeare, "The Tempest"

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