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From "James & Sue Ann Birchfield" <>
Subject Question...
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2000 00:26:06 GMT
I have not read up as much as I should
on the sitemap proposal.  I will do that over
the next few days.  But while I do, I wanted
to throw this thought out.  I do a lot
of work for our intranet.  Almost all of our
server run securely and we use certificates
for access control.  One thing that I like
about openssl and apache is the regular
expression control you have over matching
elements of the certificate DN and controlling
access to different directories/locations.

On that same note, it would be nice to have
a clean way to do this from within a cocoon xml
file, or with the  Now of
course I am not talking about access control
at this point, rather style control.  The closest
example I can find is the media tag attached to the
stylesheet tag.  I would like to be able to specify
a particular xsl file to run against the requested
xml file based of some property located within the
certificate, or for that matter, anything you can find
from the request attributes.  Maybe any IP address that
matches '198.23.*.*' or similar.

Now, while I am catching up on the sitemap, can someone
tell me if it might address any of the above?  I know with
a little extrapolation, this might be accomplished with XSP
(although I am not sure about that).  Just some thoughts.

James Birchfield
Chief Technology Officer

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