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From "Jeff Sonstein" <>
Subject RE: [x3d-contributors] X3D transformation testing
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2000 20:07:28 GMT
> Not sure but not what I meant.   A DOCTYPE tells the 
> DTD what the root element is, in this case, the element 
> is HTML.   If the DOCTYPE is for X3D, it should have 
> the DOCTYPE declaration for X3D, eg, something like, 
> <!DOCTYPE X3D  PUBLIC "some Formal Public Identifier for W3D" "some URL for
> where to find DTD.dtd">

the AllVrml97Nodes.xml file has the following as lines 1-4:

  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <?xml-stylesheet href="" type="text/xsl"?>
  <?cocoon-process type="xslt"?>

and the file latest-brutzman.dtd contains:

  <!ELEMENT X3D    ( Header? , Scene ) >

which *does* seem to be the root of the DTD
and my XML book says:

  If the DTD [has] no public identifier (which is reasonably likely 
  and not necessarily a problem), the document type declaration 
  would use the SYSTEM keyword instead of PUBLIC

and the syntax it says to use is:

    <!DOCTYPE rootElement SYSTEM "URIforExternalSubset">

so I am confused...
not doubting you
just confused   ;^}


Jeff Sonstein, M.A.
there are no bugs
there are just undocumented features

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