Donald Ball wrote: > > On Tue, 21 Dec 1999, Brett McLaughlin wrote: > > > Alternatively, you are a few days away of being able to do "partial" > > Cocoon processing from within applications. In this case, you could > > generate/read your HTML from you legacy pages, and then build a > > CocoonServletRequest with the portion of the document you want converted > > by Cocoon. You then can have Cocoon process that portion of a document, > > either outputting to the screen directly, or returning the output in a > > CocoonServletResponse; then you can output the rest of your HTML. > > Unless I understood what you are trying to do incorrectly? > > Sounds possible, though... does the HTMLFormatter balk at creating > documents that aren't fully compliant HTML (e.g. missing html, head, body > tags)? If so, this approach isn't exactly going to work... Yes and no - it is OK, but the output isn't so grand. What you would probably want to do is pass in a CocoonServletResponse so it doesn't output, and handle things that way, i.e. not let it send all that nasty HTML to the screen... Besides, I don't believe Cocoon adds and those type of tags automatically, does it? If you send it HTML starting with and ending with
it should just process that portion of a document, right? Or am I missing that it adds in HTML headers/footer... -Brett > > - donald