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From brian moseley>
Subject Re: Easy to maintain Web applications?
Date Thu, 16 Dec 1999 00:15:50 GMT
On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, Brett McLaughlin wrote:

> Your XSP here is in a logicsheet, separate from content.  
> I actually think this is an even better approach,
> because if there was ever a need for
> C/C++/Perl/whatever, an appropriate stylesheet could be
> created with that code in it, and the XML document is
> absolutely untouched.  If you have problems with code in
> the stylesheet/logicsheet, then I think you are in the
> wrong market - a stylesheet changes a _lot_, every time
> the HTML spec changes, every time look/feel changes,
> etc.  It is meant to be malleable, because your nice
> clean XML document is still unchanged.

furthermore, it can be a huge win to be able to specify
business rules and other scripted elements in a fashion that
is decoupled from the engine's source code. in our
deployment scenario at critical path, we arent allowed to
ship new versions of applications themselves more than 3 or
4 times a year, but we have business requirements that
change at a much faster pace, so a framework that allows us
to provide arbitrary business rules without requiring
recompilation and redeployment of the applications would be
a big winner.

you raise a great point about the danger of executing
arbitrary code. this is where concepts like perl's Safe
module, applet sandboxes, security managers, etc come in
very handy. i havent thought at a detailed level how to
solve this problem, but a lot of effort may well be
justified by the benefits that come with the logicsheet

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