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From Donald Ball <>
Subject RE: Different Processors
Date Wed, 15 Dec 1999 03:32:22 GMT
On Tue, 14 Dec 1999, James & Sue Ann Birchfield wrote:

> We have a servlet interface for talking to LDAP's using JNDI, and I can see
> a nice implementation of a processor.  As far as the MailProcessor, I was
> thinkong it would be as simple as the SQLProcessor is for connecting to a
> mail server something like:
> <serverinformation>
>  <mailserver></mailserver>
>  <username>Jim</username>
>  <password>foobar</password>
>  <protocol>pop</protocol>
> </serverinformation>

Wow, that's really kinda brilliant, I hadn't even thought about hooking up
cocoon as a mail client.

This does bring up a question that should be addressed now before we get
too many dynamic document processor entities. Should each processor claim
a namespace and only operate on tags that exist in that namespace? It
would make it harder to step on each others' toes if we did so. How would
the page author choose the namespace that is associated with SQLProcessor
if they didn't want to use the default? Or is this something that will be
addressed by XSP?

- donald

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