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From Donald Ball <>
Subject some locations for cocoon's extra packages
Date Sat, 11 Dec 1999 07:07:45 GMT
xerces.jar -
xalan.jar -
fop.jar (0.12.0 or later) - xml-fop CVS - no prebuilt jar though
projectx.jar (TR2) - jakarta-tools CVS
openxml.jar (1.1build5 or later) -
xt.jar -
xslp.jar -
fesi.jar (1.21 or later) -
gnu-regexp.jar (1.0.8 or later) -
jsdk.jar (2.0 or later) - somewhere on sun's site that i can never find
stylebook.jar - xml-stylebook CVS (?)
tools.jar - jakarta-tools CVS
ant.jar - jakarta-tools CVS

It would be nice if we could add all of these JARs (well, those that we
can legally redistribute) to an 'extra' or 'optional' directory, or at
least stick direct links to those packages that are accessible via the web
on cocoon's web site. I guess we'd also need a 'licenses' directory for
any packages that require it, but that's no biggie.

- donald

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