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From Kevin Sonney <>
Subject The latest code (1.6-dev 1999-12-10 5:??pm EST)
Date Sat, 11 Dec 1999 03:30:54 GMT
> Any help, comment, suggestion, fix, is _as always_ welcome.

Close. Very, very close. Too bad JSDK 2.0 doesn't include the
RequestDispatcher class. For that you need servlet-2.2.0.jar from
jakarta-tools. Which means you *HAVE* to have servlet-2.2.0.jar in your
classpath. The 2.0 JSDK alone isn't good enough. Easy enough to fix, but
worth documenting.

Oh, and has anyone seen a condition where using build.xml completely
ignores your classpath? Everything is in my classpath properly - otherwise
command line compiles would fail - but the build.xml from cocoon ignores
it completely. Is this done on purpose?

- Kevin Sonney

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