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From Donald Ball <>
Subject SQLProcessor updated in CVS
Date Thu, 02 Dec 1999 09:26:47 GMT
I finally got around to updating SQLProcessor in the new CVS server at (read: finally figured out how to use encrypted CVS. i'm slow
sometimes.) I just committed my latest version of SQLProcessor to the CVS
server. It's got some bug fixes (the ones y'all keep writing in about) and
a couple new features, namely:

* session variable support (this was suggested by Stefano Malimpensa a
while back) - {@session.VARNAMEHERE}. uses toString method to convert non
strings to strings, of course.

* update-rows-attribute - (also from Stefano Malimpensa) if you set one on
a query node with that has a nonempty doc-element attribute and contains a
SQL insert, update, or delete statement, the named attribute will be
created in the resultset with its value as the number of rows inserted,
update, or deleted. for instance:

<query doc-element="rows" update-rows-attribute="updated">
 delete from foo_table

the results might look like this:

<rows updated="23"/>

I think that's it for new stuff. It's been a little hard to keep track of
changes what with the move and all.

I'll try to respond to the new feature suggestions and code submissions
tomorrow when I'm not so sleepy; both are very welcome. It's very
gratifying to be able to help others transition their sites to the cocoon
world. I'd like to know who's using SQLProcessor so I can see how much
time I should devote to managing its development and how much to my other
areas of interest. If you don't mind, drop me a note in private email if
you're using SQLProcessor (or gave up in frustration!). Thanks.

- donald

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