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From "Gerard van Enk" <>
Subject RE: problem with StyleBook
Date Sat, 11 Dec 1999 23:15:32 GMT
> > I love the blackdown version, and I think it's not fair of Sun that
> they're
> > not giving Blackdown any credits!
> Sun failed to give Blackdown credit in the PR... It's unfortunate and a
> shame, but an honest mistake. PR folks don't "get" the culture of open
> source and look for corporate endorsements. This is changing, but don't
> expect to see it change all at once.
> All of the people that I've talked to that are involved in getting Java on
> Linux out the door are not happy about this and regret that so much
> commotion is ruining what should be a very happy event.

I read alle the stuff at slashdot and in the blackdown mailinglist and I
know Sun did it right in the second round, a litte late, but it's better
this way then never at all!!!!

Maybe next time the pressrelease has to be approved by the people who do get
the culture of open source and Free Software ;-)


(Who's going to try out both JDK's and may the best win!)

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