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From "Gerard van Enk" <>
Subject RE: problem with StyleBook
Date Mon, 06 Dec 1999 10:19:31 GMT
> so it must be some kind of error I made in my classes... I'll setup the
> JDK 1.2 on my linux box and try it out...
> > Do I need jdk1.2 (or higher) for stylebook, or does it also run with
> > jdk1.1.8???
> 1.2... because images generation require the new java platform-2 awt.

I tried it on a Win98-box and it worked!!!!!! But I still would love to run
stylebook on a linux-box.....

> > I really like to try StyleBook, so every help is welcome.....thanks!
> Don't worry... noone is more interested in making that baby work
> everywhere more than me... We'll fix it.. we'll fix it :)
> --

I'm looking forward to the fix 8-) Maybe I've I have some time left, I'll
try to do some debugging....


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