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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: [finally!] The "Infamous" Cocoon Sitemap Proposal
Date Thu, 30 Dec 1999 12:12:03 GMT
On 29/12/99 at 4:07 pm, (Pierpaolo Fumagalli) wrote:

>> I must admit, it will take me a while to understand fully .....
>IT's not that difficult, the basic idea is that Cocoon now behaves more
>like a web server, handling all requests for a specified path. The best
>place to understand how this works is the Servlet 2.2 specification, in
>the "web application" part.

So, let me try a simple example .... :)

I have a set of XML files, for which I need multiple html pages to populate a frameset. Let's
say I want three frames, one for texts, one for a list of references to people, one for a
list of links. All from the same XML file.


  <process uri="text/*.xml" translate="/home/www/sources/*.xml">
    <producer name="file"/>
    <filter name="xslt">
      <param name="stylesheet" value="/home/www/text.xsl"/>
    <serializer name="html"/>

  <process uri="people/*.xml" translate="/home/www/sources/*.xml">
    <producer name="file"/>
    <filter name="xslt">
      <param name="stylesheet" value="/home/www/people.xsl"/>
    <serializer name="html"/>

  <process uri="links/*.xml" translate="/home/www/sources/*.xml">
    <producer name="file"/>
    <filter name="xslt">
      <param name="stylesheet" value="/home/www/links.xsl"/>
    <serializer name="html"/>


My frameset could then contain the following links:

This would be bloody marvelous ....
A tad verbose though ;)

One issue I see is that the examples all seem to rely on unix type (standard) file paths.
TBH I don't understand the nuances of Unix file paths, but it would be rotten to have to put
a full paths into the sitemap, when on MacOS for instance this would have to include the volume
name, not good for portability.
Could Cocoon have the concept of a root folder to work from, or am I gloriously missing the
point ;-)

Plus, in your example of re-mapping file references, what would happen if you wanted a link
between two XML files to be relative, because they exist in different directories? <link

Or in another situation .... I am using a site-wide link glossary, containing the actual url

<links id="siteX">
    <link id="hrc" type="full">
        <title>The HyperMedia Research Centre</title>
    <link id="blah" type="rel">

I then include stuff like <link idref="blah"/>,  <link idref="hrc"/>, <link
idref="hrc">alternative name</link> etc.

Then use the XSL to look up the references. 

At what stage in the rendering process does the link re-writing intervene?

regards Jeremy


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                                                           webSpace Design
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      <phone:+44.[0].207.737.6831>          <>

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