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From COFFMAN Steven <>
Subject RE: Sitemap and Links...
Date Wed, 29 Dec 1999 18:53:09 GMT
Your example sitemap was of HTML (XHTML) browsing of translated XML source.
I believe I understand, but could I offer a more complex version and see if
it still is consistant with your meaning?

Let's say you want to  allow both Pure XML (not XHTML) browsing (translated
from more raw XML source) and raw, untranslated source to be viewed.
[Plausible: Mozilla 5's XSL:T client side support is getting there but
server side dynamic content like from LDAP Processor still needs to be
pre-translated anyway] You also want to be able to serve your HTML files in
spanish as well as english. (assume we've got an XSL:T that somehow does
this intelligently.) The client would need to signal which (English XHTML,
Spanish XHTML, Pure (translated) XML, Raw source XML) it wanted by different
paths in the HTTP request, right?
Would this be the correct sitemap (modified from your example)?


  <read uri="raw/*.xml" translate="/home/www/sources/*.xml"/>

  <process uri="pure/*.xml" translate="/home/www/sources/*.xml">
    <producer name="file"/>
    <filter name="xslt">
      <param name="stylesheet" value="/home/www/docs2pure.xsl"/>
    <serializer name="xml"/>

  <process uri="english/*.html" translate="/home/www/sources/*.xml">
    <producer name="file"/>
    <filter name="xslt">
      <param name="stylesheet" value="/home/www/doc2html_en.xsl"/>
    <serializer name="html"/>

  <process uri="spanish/*.html" translate="/home/www/sources/*.xml">
    <producer name="file"/>
    <filter name="xslt">
      <param name="stylesheet" value="/home/www/doc2html_sp.xsl"/>
    <serializer name="html"/>

  <read uri="graphic/*.jpg" translate="/home/www/images/*.jpg"/>


For example, for http request of
would result in the client getting an english XHTML version.
would be the spanish XHTML version of the same file.
would be XML, not XHTML, and likely provide an XSLT for the Mozilla to
further tranlate it into renderable XHTML (and thus shift processing from an
overburdened server to the client side). Or it could be allow external sites
to incorporate portions into their dynamic XML.
would be the totally untranslated static source as examples for developers.

Is that correct?

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