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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject XSP documentation
Date Fri, 31 Dec 1999 13:11:11 GMT

There are some problems with the XSP documentation page

There are missing characters in the <PRE> sections, for instance, the
beginning of  the DTD looks like this;

!ENTITY % elements "xsp:expr |
                                                    xsp:element |
                                                    xsp:pi |

                               !ELEMENT xsp:page (xsp:structure?,
xsp:logic?, xsp:content)>
                               !ATTLIST xsp:page
                                 language CDATA #REQUIRED
                                 result-ns NMTOKEN #IMPLIED
                                 default-space (preserve|strip)
                                 indent-result (yes|no) "no"
                                 xmlns:xsp CDATA #FIXED
                                 xml:space (default|preserve) "preserve"


                               !ELEMENT xsp:structure (xsp:dtd?,

                               !ELEMENT xsp:dtd (#PCDATA)>
                               !ELEMENT xsp:include (#PCDATA)>

The starting < of the tags are missing. Looking at the source, shows
they are missing.

In the "Page Readability" section it can also be seen that &amp; is only
amp; which is also wrong.

And in the JSP equiv.... Where are the closing braces?? (I am not JSP
user, and doesn't know how it works, but sure there must be some.)

I have been viewing using Netscape 4.61, since I guess that could
matter. Only in Cocoon!

Happy New Year everyone. May the Third Millenium be with you.


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