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From Pierpaolo Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: [finally!] The "Infamous" Cocoon Sitemap Proposal
Date Wed, 29 Dec 1999 15:07:07 GMT
Jeremy Quinn wrote:
> On 29/12/99 at 12:50 am, (Stefano Mazzocchi) wrote:
> >All right, this is, for us, a complete proposal. Nothing that has been
> >proposed for Cocoon cannot be done in this sitemap. I'm very proud of
> >this and I think that Pier and I did a good job, but we'll be very
> >welcome to clean it up further and test its strenght thru public review.
> What you have proposed looks extremely interesting.
> Well worth the wait!

It's the real union of all your experiences of Cocoon, and IBM's ones on
StyleBook (wich has already a some kind of idea of sitemap).

> I must admit, it will take me a while to understand fully .....

IT's not that difficult, the basic idea is that Cocoon now behaves more
like a web server, handling all requests for a specified path. The best
place to understand how this works is the Servlet 2.2 specification, in
the "web application" part.

> I am glad you did not get sidetracked by my suggestions for a sitemap
> that held inter-page heirarchy relationships. I have subsequently
> worked out ways of doing this in XSL ;-)

This is how the StyleBook sitemap works, but it creates more problems
than it solves. Even translating links in XSL is not a great way of
doing it. I'm writing a short story on how we think it "should" be done
(before someone destroys it :)


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