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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Present: An internal processor architecture for Cocoon2 ?
Date Tue, 28 Dec 1999 23:01:16 GMT
"Clark C. Evans" wrote:
> Stefano & Company,
> About 6-9 months ago, like many of you, I was
> waving the SAX banner and exclaiming that Cocoon
> should be build on top of SAX and not DOM.


I was convinced mainly by Clark that DOM was not the right way of doing

DOM was easy for me to start with. SAX later became a better option. Now
neither one fit.

What to do?


1) forget about it and keep the DOM: memory hog, CPU usage.
2) move everything to SAX: reduced memory usage, faster operation, but
higher energy gap to write applications.

So, what's the solution: something in between, as Clark says. But you do
not require any other special API, IMO.

SAX will be used as the transport for Cocoon2, this is, in my mind, rock
solid at this point.

There will be ways to wrap your own components (producer, processor,
etc...) with SAX2DOM and DOM2SAX adapters that will be provided to you.
Note, however, that most components used in Cocoon 1.6-dev already have
support for SAX, so this is a non issue.

There are other alternatives:

 - P-DOM -> is anything like this useful?
 - new API -> do you really want to design it and reimplement Xalan on
top of it?
 - wait for Clark to change his mind again in a couple of months. :)

I do not judge the content of the new proposed API, but I think we don't
need it.

Anybody else?

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