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From Brett McLaughlin <>
Subject Re: Tomcat / Cocoon Konfiguration
Date Wed, 22 Dec 1999 19:36:06 GMT

Wolfgang Werner wrote:
> Help needed!
> I am trying to configurate
> * NT 4.0 SP 5           (sorry, this is my development platform)
> * Apache 1.39           (works fine)
> * tomcat 3.0+ (newest cvs checkout)
> * cocoon 1.6  (newest cvs checkout)
> I do not exactly know, where to locate the errors (tomcat / cocoon).
> When I try the IBM Parser:


You don't have the IBMXML4J classes in the correct location (if at
all).  Did you check out installing Cocoon on the web site
(  You must have classes that are dynamically
loaded by Cocoon (including the parsers) in Tomcat's classpath (not just
your servlet context).  That means, put ibmxml4j.jar in
<tomcat-root>/lib and then modify <tomcat-root>/startup.bat to add this
file to your classpath.  Again, there is an example of how to do this on
the webpage.  That will let Cocoon see and isntantiate an instance of
the IBM parser.

> When I try the SUN parser:


Ditto.  Same exact problem.  Cocoon can't create or use these parsers
unless it can find them.

> Before I used the cocoon 1.5 jar and got an exception 'FileNotFound
> .../examples/examples/servlet/or.apache.cocoon.Cocoon'
> Please note the doubled 'examples'

Yeah, 1.5 doesn't work on Tomcat.  At all.

> So, could please someone send me his/her configuration files - please all:
> * tomcat.bat (to see the used jars)
> * tomcat.conf (to see the apache / jserv needs)
> * the relevant server.xml and web.xml

You don't need them... first take care of the parsers.  Then let us know
if further errors arrive.


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