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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Legacy HTML with dynamic content?
Date Wed, 22 Dec 1999 16:23:04 GMT
Laurian Gridinoc wrote:
> > Alternatively, you are a few days away of being able to do "partial"
> > Cocoon processing from within applications.  In this case, you could
> > generate/read your HTML from you legacy pages, and then build a
> > CocoonServletRequest with the portion of the document you want converted
> > by Cocoon.  You then can have Cocoon process that portion of a document,
> > either outputting to the screen directly, or returning the output in a
> > CocoonServletResponse; then you can output the rest of your HTML.
> > Unless I understood what you are trying to do incorrectly?
> >
> > The code for this is in the mailing list (this morning) but not in CVS
> > yet - that's why I say a few days.
> >
> > -Brett
> that leads me to JSSI, have an jhtml page that where it needs it calls an
> servlet that will wrapp on Cocoon

There's another solution I thought a while ago to this problem:

write an HTMLSSIFormatter that reacts on processing instructions to
include legacy HTML stuff.

<?cocoon-include href="legacy.html"?>

This is the parallel equivalent of using SSI to wrap around Cocoon: use
Cocoon to wrap around SSI.

While the first is used in cases you have a page framework generated in
HTML and some content generated in XML, the second is used when Cocoon
generated the framework and lagacy URLS generate the included HTML stuff
(which is much more frequent, IMO).

Of course, the "tidy way" would be the best thing, but there is no such
java tidy that we can use... :( (yet, Xerces might have one in the

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