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From Brett McLaughlin <>
Subject Updated Diffs for using Cocoon from other Applications
Date Tue, 21 Dec 1999 14:56:11 GMT
Stefano & Co.-

	I am attaching updated diffs for my changes to the CVS tree.  These
reflect the change of to a singleton, and I have removed the
(admittedly) hack of passing in a Hashtable of parameters.  Please
commit these as soon as you can, as I want to add some examples to
Turbine of how to use this new method of accessing Cocoon.
	In addition, I would like to add an HttpServletRequest extension
(similar to HttpServletResponseImpl but more generic) to the Cocoon
tree, to provide a standard way to feed Cocoon information.  I admit
that each application could easily do this themselves, but it seems to
make much more sense for Cocoon to say "Here is the class to do that. 
Use it." to help avoid people making mistakes.
	To that end, I will develop that and send it and an example of use in
later today.  Let me know if anything else needs to be added/changed.

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