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From Brett McLaughlin <>
Subject Re: Better Cocoom
Date Mon, 20 Dec 1999 06:47:50 GMT

Sumanth Chinthagunta wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was impressed by Cocoon project.
> It is good idea to separate Content (XML) , Logic (java) , Layout (XSL)
> , Style (CSS). But I feel requested Content can not be stored at one
> place.
> It is spread across the web.So Cocoon some time should act as Proxy  to
> fetch requested content from other server and filter ,personalize,
> format, (with W4F and XSLT) and generate response as per the requester
> needs.
> I also feel Cocoon's  Chaining or  Nesting  functionality can be
> improved by adopting the better modular architecture of IBM WBI.
> Please look at the following links for better understand what I mean:
> 1.)
> 2.)

You should check out the mailing list archives for this week.  I
submitted several patches that Stefano is going to commit soon (right
Stefano?) that allow just this.  You can create content, call the Cocoon
engine, and let the results (or partial results) be handled by Cocoon,
without having to use the producer model.  It is not chaining (which is
bad) and not even nesting (which isn't as bad, but still isn't good); it
is OO, which is the whole point, right?  In any case, it lets Cocoon be
used as just another Engine/API, which I think will open us up to all
sorts of new audiences.  In any case, it should all be in the list
archives, and in CVS in a few days, with some examples of use.

> fetch requested content from other server and filter ,personalize,

This part I take issue with, though.  This is the application's job, not
Cocoon's.  Cocoon is a _publishing_framework_.  If you want to grab
content and personalize it, let your application obtain the content and
create the XML.  Cocoon's job is to transform/process that XML in some
meaningful way, generally generic of application details.  This is for
things like SQL processing, LDAP processing, etc.  If you wanted, you
could write a processor to do this sort of thing for your application,
but I think better design is to have your application create
user-specific XML and let that be processed in a generic way.


> Thanks,
> sumanth

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