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From Andy Tomlinson <>
Subject Foreign Languages - more questions
Date Mon, 20 Dec 1999 03:32:30 GMT
Can you tell me where format(Document, Writer, Dictionary ) of a
Formatter object is called from. I want to see if setting the encoding
of that writer will help my problem.

Then again my problem might occur well before that. It may be that the
XSL Processor is replacing the Japanese with equivalent character
entities ( eg &#0000; ). So the encoding may not be important. However,
the character entities as they come out from the Formatter are all in
the range 0-255. Not 0-65535 as is expected from the XSL Formatter.

Is there anywhere in the cocoon classes that could affect the character
entities after they come out of the processor, or is this a setting of
the processor?


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