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From Andy Tomlinson <>
Subject Foreign Languages
Date Mon, 20 Dec 1999 02:59:45 GMT

I'm having trouble getting Japanese language output through Cocoon. Does
anyone have any hints?

I have an XML file and an associated xsl stylesheet. When I use the IBM
parser with Lotus XSL processor from the command line I get decent
output. When I try to process the XML through cocoon the formatting of
the data is fine, but the Japanese is unreadable.

any advice would be appreciated


These are ( what I think are ) relevant lines from

[using the IBM parser or the Sun parser gives me the same result.]
# IBM XML4J Parser (
#parser = org.apache.cocoon.parser.IBMXMLParser

# SUN ProjectX Parser (
parser = org.apache.cocoon.parser.SunXMLParser

[ Using the file producer ]
# NOTE: this type must present in the above map.
producer.default = file

[ Using the Lotus XSL processor ]
# Lotus XSL processor (

[ These are the formatters, I'm using:
 <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl"
in the XML file ]
# XSL:P formatters
formatter.type.text/xml    =
#formatter.type.text/wml    =
formatter.type.text/html   =

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