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From Brett McLaughlin <>
Subject XMLDocument
Date Wed, 15 Dec 1999 21:14:41 GMT
If you are on the ECS CVS list, you saw recent checkins of XMLDocument
(and a mod to  If you aren't on the list, you need to be (come
on, you're developers!) ;-)

In any case, the first revision of org.apache.ecs.xml.XMLDocument is in
place.  This allows the handling of an XML prolog, which was
previously... difficult... because of the way a Document is based on the
premise that there is always an enclosing element (like <html>) while in
XML there is not.  There is a root element, plus several other things
(in the prolog) that in ECS terms are also elements, equally at the top.

Take a look, it should help a lot (I am using it for a missin-critical
project in conjunction with Cocoon, it makes things _soooo_ easy).  In
any case, I am still adding features, so please coordinate with me on
any proposed changes so we don't step on each other's toes.  I still
plan to add:

1) DOCTYPE declaration
2) Schema support *
3) namespace support *
4) Explicit methods for adding Cocoon processing instructions such as
cocoon-process, cocoon:format
5) Anything the Cocoon guys think of - I am posting this to them as well
(sorry, I know that's bad... )

* These can be done now, but it is tied to the root element, instead of
the document, which is not really the spirit of the spec.

There is a addStylesheet() method (add, not set, there can be more than
  and constructors for handling versioning, setting the document to
standalone, etc.

There is a generic addToProlog() that handles anything else I haven't
coded yet.  Take a look, if you are generating XML from Java I think you
will really like it, I am already hooked and got rid of all my
hard-coded XML in producers... plus I can return XML (elements) from
methods instead of StringBuffers (or for you memory hogs, Strings) and
easily handle serialization and other nice things b/c of Hashtable.  If
this doesn't mean anything to you, dive into ECS!  It really rocks ;-)


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