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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Type in Documentation..
Date Sun, 12 Dec 1999 00:38:20 GMT
James Duncan Davidson wrote:
> > You've gotta 'unjar' the Cocoon.jar to get cocoon.jar. You can do this
> with
> > the following command in the [path-to-cocoon]-directory:
> >
> > jar -xvf Cocoon.jar
> >
> > After this you have the whole cocoon direcory-structuur + all the files
> you
> > need (including bin/cocoon.jar).
> Hmmm... That's a bit confusing. Maybe a rename to
> I have to also put in my $0.02 about using the .jar extension for the
> distribution archive. The intended and semantic meaning of a .jar file is
> that it can be placed on a classpath and classes are loaded from it -- as
> well it can be associated in the UI with the JRE so that a double click will
> launch the class specified by the Main-class attribute.
> We went through this with the Java Tech review folks when developing the
> .war and .ear mechanisms in Servlets and J2EE -- our first, uninformed
> choice, was to use .jar files, but since .war files (web-archive) contain a
> lot more than just class files (and are treated as a web root), they violate
> the expectation layed out above.
> Yes, in the JDK 1.2 (and even in recent builds of 1.3), the source code is
> wrapped up in a .jar file. It's felt by many that this is a mistake and
> needs to be corrected.
> So, I encourage you guys to move calling it a .zip.... After all
>     jar cf dir/
> works quite well.

Do you want to know the reason? It's a pretty lame one: I did Cocoon 1.0
on both zip and tar.gz but it doubled the time I had to upload them on
the server and being a dial-up user and having a per-minute telephone
fee (no ADSL in third-world IT countries, yet :(

Anyway that's the lame reason. The real one is that I did and nobody
ever complained. A few UNIX people know the "jar cr" trick and
if you provide a ".jar" you get fewer UNIX guys that say "gee, not even
a tar.gz distribution, this project sucks" and go away.

Java people on both UNIX and Windows are used to .jar, that makes things

Also, in the future, it could be possible to use Cocoon-1.6.jar not only
as a distribution but as an executable file. This is something we might

So, I propose to stick with the .jar extention for the disto.

What do you gusy think?

Stefano Mazzocchi      One must still have chaos in oneself to be
                          able to give birth to a dancing star.
<>                             Friedrich Nietzsche

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