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From Alexander Leschinsky <>
Subject Re: No output from SQLProcessor
Date Tue, 07 Dec 1999 09:24:47 GMT
Hello again,

> > My problem is that I don´t get an sql-connection running. When I change
> > the parameters in the example database.xml to our mysql-connection
> > (which is working fine in a bunch of servlets) I don´t get any
> > database-generated output, just the framework the xsl-file produces
> > around the (non-present) data.
> 1. Make sure the mysql JDBC drivers are available to cocoon

I´ve included a line in my, which works fine for my
servlets. Does cocoon need it another way?

> 2. Make sure you can connect to the mysql user using the dburl, username,
> and password listed in the file from the servlet engine's machine

This works fine. The values are ok.

> 3. Make sure the <connection name="foo"> and <query connection="foo">
> attribute values match up.

They match.

> 4. Look in your servlet engine's error logs for any interesting info, e.g.
> line numbers in the source code that you can line up

Even with the highest logging activity there is not a bit of information. It
does not seem to be an error. Even though the sql line makes perfect sense
and deliveres data in another servlet.

> 5. Mail in your XML file so's I can look at it

Here you are:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?cocoon-process type="sql"?>
<?cocoon-format type="text/xml"?>

    <connection name="listra">

 <query connection="listra">
   select nickname, pwd, email from user order by email

> 6. Check out the latest SQLProcessor from CVS. 1.5 has some known bugs
> that are patched in CVS.

I´ll try to do so...

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