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From Pierpaolo Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: problem with StyleBook
Date Sat, 04 Dec 1999 04:10:27 GMT
Gerard van Enk wrote:
> > Guuu.... That's the first bug I got on SBK... I don't know, but it seems
> > to me that the Blackdown jdk1.2.2 has some bugs in the URL parsing
> > mechanism... I just reviewed the code and there's nothing I think is
> > wrong there...
> Maybe I'm doing something wrong, I'm a stylebook-newbie ;-)
> I'll look into the bugreports from the blackdown jdk1.2.2.

Nahh.. Should be some bug somewhere...

> I tried it both, but it didn't change anything...still got the same problem.
> I also tried it with the jdk1.2 from blackdown (I think this was the beta 2
> release).

so it must be some kind of error I made in my classes... I'll setup the
JDK 1.2 on my linux box and try it out...

> Do I need jdk1.2 (or higher) for stylebook, or does it also run with
> jdk1.1.8???

1.2... because images generation require the new java platform-2 awt.

> Can it be somekind of problem with Xalan? Because the error occurs after the
> message: "[XalanProcessor] Applying XSL sheet".

Nope... it shouldn't....

> I really like to try StyleBook, so every help is welcome.....thanks!

Don't worry... noone is more interested in making that baby work
everywhere more than me... We'll fix it.. we'll fix it :)
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