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Subject ECS for
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
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We're planning on getting the error handling out of Frontend and setup special
ExceptionHandler whitch will do the job.



Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 07:48:32 -0600
Subject: ECS for


        There is lots of ugly String concatenation going on in
It has hard-coded HTML (which isn't great) but worse is the String pool
that is getting nice and full throughout the multiple + and += String
concatenations going on.  I know (and there is even a note) that this
was done to get something working, butn ECS (and again there is a note
about this very thing) might be a good solution for this, or at worst
case a conversion to StringBuffers.  Over time, _can_ chew
some memory up.
        I can convert it all to ECS in an hour or so (I did the same for some
stuff at work, very similar, piece of cake), and it would really help.
However, the one (negative?) thing is that it introduces another
dependency, this time on ECS.  Personally I have no problem with this,
as I always use ECS to build my XML, because it is really easy now, but
I know that it might upset some people to have to get another package
(albeit an Apache OSS one).  So what do you think, people?
        At a worst case, I want to convert it to StringBuffers, but using ECS
leaves things so much cleaner and easier to update/change.



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