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From "Brett McLaughlin" <>
Subject [PATCH]: Servlet API 2.2 compatibility
Date Wed, 08 Dec 1999 19:23:36 GMT
  I got a little ahead of myself, the patch I just sent in doesn't quite do
the trick... I hit compile on the wrong file in my IDE... sorry.

I have attached the corrected, complete patch for fixing
org.apache.cocoon.EngineWrapper for Servlet API 2.2.

It is very "dumbed-down" in that it has empty or useless method declarations
for all the new 2.2 HttpServletRequest/Response methods, but it at least (1)
compiles and (2) provides the annoying part of building this framework for
when/if we do need to add implementations to these methods.

Sorry about that first false patch, this one works (I compiled it twice for
good measure ;-) )


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