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From "Brett McLaughlin" <>
Subject Re: Producers
Date Tue, 07 Dec 1999 00:31:06 GMT

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From: Stefano Mazzocchi <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, December 06, 1999 5:58 PM
Subject: Re: Producers

> Brett McLaughlin wrote:
> > Jon and I are the evil ones who pushed it on ApacheLand... ;-)  No, I
> > mostly on the lower level infrastructure.  In fact, I am doing some work
> > on remaking the base Turbine servlet into a Producer (still weeks off,
> > though... busy busy at work), and that would allow Turbine screens to
> > XML content.  That is what I see needs to happen to bring Turbine into
> > next generation of distributed data-centric apps.
> >
> > Sure, send whatever code you got... I also work a lot on EJBoss, the EJB
> > server, so database stuff is of particular interest to me.  We are
> > on some OR mapping over there...
> Close integration between Turbine and EJB stuff is a must once we get
> the XSP stuff up and running (which will happen, as promised, for Xmas).

Looking forward to it...

> So, please, keep us informed with any problems you get on an
> architectural level.

Well, they are going to be big ones.  I am going to have to build TurbineX
(as I am calling it) to replace the current Turbine servlet (or at least an
another option), which will be a producer.  In my mind, we should have the
generic screen contract (That is there), but then have an XMLScreen contract
that handles some things like letting you easily add/set/remove PIs.  This
would make the process more uncoupled, instead of having to hardcode in
those things everytime a screen is created.  But this is all in line with
making Turbine more a component model than it currently is; I also have to
make Cocoon work within a complete infrastructure for my O'Reilly book,
anyway, so this is coming fast and soon... I have an XML book to get done
first though so it may hit about the time XSP is ready, and then we can
integrate that as well.

On the EJB side, I'm already thinking about using portions of DCP and XSP to
allow a more data-centric application framework; j2ee is engine-centric, and
I don't think that is an appropriate model for today's business systems; I
thought I would play with you visionary guys for a while :-)


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