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From "Brett McLaughlin" <>
Subject Problems creating Producers with JServ
Date Thu, 09 Dec 1999 18:50:20 GMT
Apache JServ 1.1b3
Cocoon 1.6_dev (As of 12/9/99)

I specify all the needed jar files in wrapper.classpath, except cocoon.jar
I specify cocoon.jar in my zone classpath

I am creating a producer in com.algx.portal.producer.PortalProducer
This is compiled in my zone repository along with my other dynamically
loaded classes.

However, it appears that when Cocoon runs, it cannot find the PortalProducer
class unless I add the zone repository to my wrapper.classpath, which of
course means I have to restart apache anytime i make changes to the producer
or anything else.

One option is compiling PortalProducer into a different directory tree, and
put that tree in my wrapper.classpath.  Then I only have to restart apache
when the producer changes... a little better... but my producer depends on
numerous com.algx.portal classes that _are_ in my dynamic classpath, and so
it doesn't find those.

The basic problem seems to be that cocoon is using the classes in
wrapper.classpath but not in zone.repositories.  Is this a bug anyone know
anything about?


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