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From "James Duncan Davidson" <>
Subject Re: Type in Documentation..
Date Fri, 10 Dec 1999 20:36:58 GMT
> You've gotta 'unjar' the Cocoon.jar to get cocoon.jar. You can do this
> the following command in the [path-to-cocoon]-directory:
> jar -xvf Cocoon.jar
> After this you have the whole cocoon direcory-structuur + all the files
> need (including bin/cocoon.jar).

Hmmm... That's a bit confusing. Maybe a rename to

I have to also put in my $0.02 about using the .jar extension for the
distribution archive. The intended and semantic meaning of a .jar file is
that it can be placed on a classpath and classes are loaded from it -- as
well it can be associated in the UI with the JRE so that a double click will
launch the class specified by the Main-class attribute.

We went through this with the Java Tech review folks when developing the
.war and .ear mechanisms in Servlets and J2EE -- our first, uninformed
choice, was to use .jar files, but since .war files (web-archive) contain a
lot more than just class files (and are treated as a web root), they violate
the expectation layed out above.

Yes, in the JDK 1.2 (and even in recent builds of 1.3), the source code is
wrapped up in a .jar file. It's felt by many that this is a mistake and
needs to be corrected.

So, I encourage you guys to move calling it a .zip.... After all

    jar cf dir/

works quite well.


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