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From "Jeff Sonstein" <>
Subject hello from the VRML world
Date Fri, 17 Dec 1999 07:56:06 GMT
just a heads-up to the cocoon-dev list...

we are working on making the next version of VRML
[the Virtual Reality Modelling Language]
be an XML-based spec
and there are a few of us from the VRML world (aka X3D)
who are going to see if we can get cocoon and related s/w 
to run on the server and do fancy things  ;^}

I've been lurking for a bit
trying to get aware of what is going on
to prep for this effort
and I anticipate some more folks from VRML joining this list

please be patient with any seemingly-dumbo questions you get
from us poor addle-brained 3D junkies
as we try to make this work  ;^}


Jeff Sonstein, M.A.
there are no bugs
there are just undocumented features

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