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From "James & Sue Ann Birchfield" <>
Subject MailServerProcessor
Date Thu, 23 Dec 1999 03:31:38 GMT
A few days ago I proposed a processor that wold act as a front-end to a mail
Some people thought it might be a good idea.  Well, I slapped together one
and would like to fish for some ideas/comments before I go much further.
current state is:  given the proper XML, you can check a mail server, and
individual messages.  Ugly, but almost everything you might need to do.
Here is
a sample of the XML it takes: (should be called like mail.xml?messagenum=-1)

	<mail-server name="home">

	<mail-retrieval server="home">

This generates something like the following:

		<messageheader id="1">
			<subject>Hi Jim!</subject>
			<from>Joe Blow &lt;;</from>
			<date>Wed 12/22/1999</date>

The first XML file in order to work for now, expects the message number
to be passed in.  If it is 0 or less, then it assumes you are checking
your mail, and will return all messages in the format above.  If you give
it a message number(presumably taken from the id attribute, it gets passed
in to the messagenum variable.  The XSL takes care of that.
That in turn would produce the following:

		<subject>Hi Jim!</subject>
		<from>Joe Blow &lt;;</from>
		<date>Wed 12/22/1999</date>
			<text>Hi Jim, long time no talk!!

The above allows the ability to display multi-part messages as well.

Now, the real questions, is this worth pursuing?  Would this be in
competition to
what JetSpeed is doing?  I like the idea, but don't want to build something
someone is already working on.

If it is worth doing, I would love some feedback on how people think it
work better, or features/ideas I may have missed.

James Birchfield
Chief Technology Officer

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