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From Jens Gohrke <>
Subject Re: Problems with html output, DCP and <xsl:include>, URL parameters
Date Wed, 24 Nov 1999 22:58:35 GMT
> Probably you want to write a Processor rather than a Producer to replace
> your DCP method. My tired refrain goes:
> 1. You can only have one Producer involved in a request, but can have
>  multiple Processors. If I'd written SQLProcessor as a Producer and
>  you wrote your special XML generator as a Producer and then you wanted to
>  use them both in the same page, you'd be SOL, no way you could do it.
> 2. Processors are configured through XML fragments _and_ request 
>  parameters. Producers only get request parameters and it's often a pain
>  to squeeze  all of your configuration stuff into a URL (e.g. dburl,
>  driver, etc.)

Thanks again - didn't think about it that way round... extra flexibility.
Didn't need it so far but looks like demand is in sight at the horizon. A
clear ++ again. Although the URL might not be too crowded if we talk about
a POST... but maybe that's not really a good practice anyway ;)
But surely You get extra flexibility and "combinability" for the site-admin at
no cost, without recoding. But I'll leave it to that now and have a shot at
implementing a Processor for trial - maybe I'll like that more... :)



PS: I'm not really sure whether the first part of the original question
of this thread got really clarified already??

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