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From Jens Gohrke <>
Subject Re: Problems with html output, DCP and <xsl:include>, URL parameters
Date Wed, 24 Nov 1999 20:04:50 GMT

> > If I got this one wrong - please yell at me ... it would safe quite some
> > time.
> Uh, yeah, I think you did get this one wrong. If you have the following
> PIs in your initial XML document:
> <?cocoon-process type="dcp"?>
> <?cocoon-process type="xslt"?>
> <?cocoon-format type="text/html"?>
> The DCP processor will be invoked first and the <?dcp-content?> PIs will
> be expanded. The the XSLT processor will be invoked and the XML tree will
> be transformed using the XSL stylesheet into an XML results tree, which
> will then be rendered using HTML rules.
> Note that you could just have these in your initial document:
> <?cocoon-process type="dcp"?>
> <?cocoon-format type="text/html"?>
> and if your DCP method creates a PI named "cocoon-process" with a
> type="xslt" attribute, the XSLT processor will still be invoked.

That was probably my mistake at that time... looked at my old tests
and found that i somehow dropped that PI in the DCP method. Thanks for
clarifying that one, Donald.

Nevertheless, if I do need some more control like in my case (there
is some quite asynchronous action while creation of the actual content
which is done on maybe another host) i might want to handle exceptions
and alike ... I will be forced into writing a Producer rather than
a DCP method, i am probably right there ?!? :)

Sorry guys, if I misled You there... but this way we all learned a
little :)



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