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From "Juergen Hermann">
Subject Ant building how-to
Date Wed, 24 Nov 1999 18:17:03 GMT
This didn't make it fully to the old list, so I repost it here w/o 
the old attachments...


Included you find a .bat and .xml to build Cocoon using Ant. Follow 
these steps:

1. go to your Cocoon root dir.

2. make a "build" directory.

3. copy the attached files into it.

4. copy the Ant support files from the ECS "build" directory.
[NOTE: in the new version, you can simply set the ANT var to a 
directory containing these files]

You should get this:

	  36810 Nov 24 10:44 ant.jar
	   1544 Nov 24 13:48 build-cocoon.bat
	  10467 Nov 24 13:13 build-cocoon.xml
	2020049 Nov 23 03:55 javac.jar
	 132472 Nov 23 03:55 projectx-tr2.jar

5. change "build-cocoon.bat" to match your configuration, especially 
change the JSDK20 and FESI variables.

6. call "build-cocoon" and rejoice!

What's missing is support for the IBM, Oracle and Lotus options. I'll 
add that soon. [NOTE: added now] "build-cocoon clean" will remove all 
generated files EXCEPT "bin/Cocoon.jar".

Ciao, Juergen

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