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Subject svn commit: r693559 - /cocoon/branches/cocoon-forms-1.0.0/cocoon-forms-impl/src/changes/changes.xml
Date Tue, 09 Sep 2008 18:48:53 GMT
Author: joerg
Date: Tue Sep  9 11:48:52 2008
New Revision: 693559

with Maven that's @issue rather than @fixes or @fixes-bug


Modified: cocoon/branches/cocoon-forms-1.0.0/cocoon-forms-impl/src/changes/changes.xml
--- cocoon/branches/cocoon-forms-1.0.0/cocoon-forms-impl/src/changes/changes.xml (original)
+++ cocoon/branches/cocoon-forms-1.0.0/cocoon-forms-impl/src/changes/changes.xml Tue Sep 
9 11:48:52 2008
@@ -25,17 +25,17 @@
-    <release version="1.0.0" date="TBD" description="unreleased">
-      <action dev="joerg" type="fix" fixes-bug="COCOON-1825" due-to="Vincent Demay" due-to-email="">
+    <release version="1.0.0" date="2008-08-05" description="released">
+      <action dev="joerg" type="fix" issue="COCOON-1825" due-to="Vincent Demay" due-to-email="">
         Fix @id handling on fi:group/fi:struct element in conjunction with AJAX requests.
-      <action dev="joerg" type="fix" fixes-bug="COCOON-2204" due-to="Kamal Bhatt" due-to-email="">
+      <action dev="joerg" type="fix" issue="COCOON-2204" due-to="Kamal Bhatt" due-to-email="">
         Fix @id handling on fi:group element in conjunction with AJAX requests.
-      <action dev="joerg" type="fix" fixes-bug="COCOON-2178" due-to="Harald Entner" due-to-email="">
+      <action dev="joerg" type="fix" issue="COCOON-2178" due-to="Harald Entner" due-to-email="">
         Dispatch only one TreeSelectionEvent on multiple selection rather than one event
for each selected tree item.
-      <action dev="joerg" type="fix" fixes-bug="COCOON-2058" due-to="Ralph Collett" due-to-email="">
+      <action dev="joerg" type="fix" issue="COCOON-2058" due-to="Ralph Collett" due-to-email="">
         Fix ambiguous rule issue with Forms stylesheets when using Saxon.
       <action dev="vgritsenko" type="fix">
@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@
         method. Do not use WidgetDefinitionBuilder.buildWidgetDefinition(Element) method,
it is intended to be
         implemented only by the top level widget (Form).
-      <action dev="joerg" type="fix" fixes-bug="COCOON-2052" due-to="Robin Wyles" due-to-email="">
+      <action dev="joerg" type="fix" issue="COCOON-2052" due-to="Robin Wyles" due-to-email="">
         Allow Ajax submission of forms with empty upload field.

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