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Subject svn commit: r682407 - /cocoon/trunk/subprojects/cocoon-servlet-service/cocoon-servlet-service-impl/src/changes/changes.xml
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2008 14:41:05 GMT
Author: reinhard
Date: Mon Aug  4 07:41:05 2008
New Revision: 682407

add note about the most significant change


Modified: cocoon/trunk/subprojects/cocoon-servlet-service/cocoon-servlet-service-impl/src/changes/changes.xml
--- cocoon/trunk/subprojects/cocoon-servlet-service/cocoon-servlet-service-impl/src/changes/changes.xml
+++ cocoon/trunk/subprojects/cocoon-servlet-service/cocoon-servlet-service-impl/src/changes/changes.xml
Mon Aug  4 07:41:05 2008
@@ -24,20 +24,29 @@
-    <release version="1.0.0" date="2008-00-00" description="unreleased">
+    <release version="1.1.0" date="2008-00-00" description="unreleased">
+      <action dev="reinhard" type="fix">
+        The dependency on the Cocoon SourceResolver, that introduced a circular dependency
with Cocoon 2.2, was
+        removed. The Cocoon SourceResolver was used to resolve URLs in the context-path attribute
of a servlet
+        bean definition. After the change the Servlet-Service framework only relies on the
default URL handling
+        of the JVM. In order to dynamically support different URLStreamHandlers, it is recommended
to use 
+        Cocoon JNet.
+      </action>    
       <action dev="reinhard" type="fix">
         Fix the lastModified() method of the ServletConnection: make sure that there is an
existing connection 
         before reading the Last-Modified header 
       <action dev="reinhard" type="add">
         Add a ServletURLConnection, ServletURLStreamHandler and a ServletURLStreamHandlerFactory
to provide 
-        support for service: URLs in the standard JDK URL handling.
+        support for service: URLs.
       <action dev="gkossakowski" type="fix" issue="COCOON-2150">
         Fixed bug in ServletServiceContext that was responsible for errors on resetting response
that was already committed.
-        Now Servlet Service Framework buffers response but only if 404 status code has been
+        Now the Servlet-Service framework buffers response but only if 404 status code has
been set.
         This allows to reset the response safely.
+    </release>
+    <release version="1.0.0" date="2008-04-07" description="unreleased">      
       <action dev="gkossakowski" type="update">
         Made attributes 'mount-path' and 'context-path' of servlet-context tag required.

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