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Subject svn commit: r436841 - /cocoon/trunk/blocks/cocoon-xsp/cocoon-xsp-impl/status.xml
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2006 15:57:00 GMT
Author: anathaniel
Date: Fri Aug 25 08:56:59 2006
New Revision: 436841

Clear action list - all changes are already in 2.1.x


Modified: cocoon/trunk/blocks/cocoon-xsp/cocoon-xsp-impl/status.xml
--- cocoon/trunk/blocks/cocoon-xsp/cocoon-xsp-impl/status.xml (original)
+++ cocoon/trunk/blocks/cocoon-xsp/cocoon-xsp-impl/status.xml Fri Aug 25 08:56:59 2006
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
   limitations under the License.
 <!DOCTYPE status [
-<!ELEMENT status (developers, todo, changes)>
+<!ELEMENT status (developers?, todo?, changes)>
 <!ELEMENT developers (person+)>
 <!ELEMENT person EMPTY>
 <!ATTLIST person
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
   priority (high | medium | low) #REQUIRED
 <!ELEMENT changes (release+)>
-<!ELEMENT release (action+)>
+<!ELEMENT release (action*)>
 <!ATTLIST release
   version CDATA #REQUIRED
@@ -65,76 +65,7 @@
  <!-- The following list contains the changes since the latest 2.1.x version. -->
   <release version="@version@" date="@date@">
-    <action dev="AN" type="add">
-      XSP block: Add example for on-the-fly generation of ZIP file.
-    </action>
-    <action dev="AN" type="fix">
-      XSP block: Suppress xmlns:xsp namespace declaration on XSP generated root element.
-    </action>
-    <action dev="AN" type="fix">
-      XSP block: Fix regression introduced in 2.1.8 that under specific circumstances logicsheets
-      were not applied, leading to compilation errors.  This manifested itself only if
-      a) two XSPs referred to the same custom logicsheet by a relative location path,
-      b) the custom logicsheet used another logicsheet, and
-      c) the built-in logicsheet's namespace was not mentioned in xsp:page.
-      The compilation errors occurred always when calling the second XSP for the first time.
-      Fix also race condition which could lead to similar XSP compilation errors under high
-      when accessing the same logicsheet for the first time.
-    </action>
-    <action dev="AN" type="add">
-      XSP block: Use private methods to call start/endElement in xsp.xsl.
-      That generates smaller bytecode allowing to compiler larger XSPs before hitting the
-      64k limit for the size of the generate() method.
-    </action>
-    <action dev="AN" type="fix">
-      XSP block: Reintroduce locally scoped xspAttr in xsp.xsl to improve backwards compatibility
for pre-2.1.9
-      logicsheets.  (Suggestion by Vadim Gritsenko).
-    </action>
-    <action dev="AN" type="add">
-      XSP block: Instrument {#expr} interpolation to produce Cocoon stacktrace for parse
-    </action>
-    <action dev="AN" type="fix" fixes-bug="COCOON-1691" due-to="Feliciano Borrego" due-to-email="">
-      XSP block: Renaming AttributeImpl xspAttr to _xspAttr was not applied to ESQL logicsheet.
-      That caused compilation errors in all XSPs using it.
-    </action>
-    <action dev="JH" type="fix" fixes-bug="35162" due-to="Jochen Kuhnle" due-to-email="">
-      EclipseJavaCompiler chokes on warnings. Changed to errors.
-    </action>
-    <action dev="AN" type="fix">
-      Move AttributeImpl in xsp.xsl to class scope.
-      That allows top-level xsp:logic to define markup generating methods.
-      Variable xspAttr renamed to _xspAttr to be avoid breaking existing
-      XSPs which already use that trick.
-    </action>
-    <action dev="AN" type="fix">
-      Add xsp:expr and various other contexts where text must be
-      passed through XSLTExtension:escape in order to preserve non-ASCII
-      characters in Java string constants independently of the XSP source file
-      and compiler expected encodings.
-    </action>
-    <action dev="AN" type="add">
-      Extend {#expr} interpolation parser to understand {}, "}", '}'
-      as not being the closing brace.
-      The previously implemented mechanism #} to escape braces within the
-      statement is no longer supported.
-    </action>
-    <action dev="AN" type="add">
-      Implement {#expr} interpolation also for logicsheets.
-    </action>
-    <action dev="AN" type="add" fixes-bug="35228" due-to="Jochen Kuhnle" due-to-email="">
-      Added short-cut notation {#expr} for interpolation of
-      XSP expressions in attribute values and text nodes.
-      Removed wrapping of all text nodes from XSP source into &lt;xsp:text&gt;
-      elements before passing them to logicsheets.
-      (This feature was not used by the standard logicsheets but check your
-      custom logicsheets whether they depend on it.)
-    </action>
-    <action dev="AN" type="fix" fixes-bug="32935">
-      Double check and attempt again to load program object from cache.
-      This avoids that simultaneous requests recompile the same XSP over and over again.
-    </action>

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