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Subject svn commit: r330935 - /cocoon/whiteboard/daisy-to-docs/src/documentation/skinconf.xml
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 22:29:11 GMT
Author: crossley
Date: Fri Nov  4 14:29:08 2005
New Revision: 330935

Add the tips about tweaking skin colours.


Modified: cocoon/whiteboard/daisy-to-docs/src/documentation/skinconf.xml
--- cocoon/whiteboard/daisy-to-docs/src/documentation/skinconf.xml (original)
+++ cocoon/whiteboard/daisy-to-docs/src/documentation/skinconf.xml Fri Nov  4 14:29:08 2005
@@ -301,6 +301,24 @@
     Note that by default, all color groups are commented-out which means that
     the default colors provided by the skin are being used.
+  <!-- Color group: Forrest: example colors similar to
+    Some of the element names are obscure, so comments are added to show how
+    the "pelt" skin uses them, other skins might use these elements in a different way.
+    Tip: temporarily change the value of an element to red (#ff0000) and see the effect.
+     pelt: breadtrail: the strip at the top of the page and the second strip under the tabs
+     pelt: header: top strip containing project and group logos
+     pelt: heading|subheading: section headings within the content
+     pelt: navstrip: the strip under the tabs which contains the published date
+     pelt: menu: the left-hand navigation panel
+     pelt: toolbox: the selected menu item
+     pelt: searchbox: the background of the searchbox
+     pelt: border: line border around selected menu item
+     pelt: body: any remaining parts, e.g. the bottom of the page
+     pelt: footer: the second from bottom strip containing credit logos and published date
+     pelt: feedback: the optional bottom strip containing feedback link
+  -->
   <!-- Cocoon -->
     <color name="header"    value="#294563"/>

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