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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Date Sun, 09 Mar 2003 01:04:26 GMT
[NOTE: This message will go to all cocoon mailing lists. Moderators please
approve accordingly]


    being now Sunday in London (and God knows if I'm going to wake up
tomorrow), I actually split the CVS as agreed.

The old "xml-cocoon2" repository has been renamed to "cocoon-2-historical"
and to provide backward compatibility to those relying on CVS checkouts
(users or developers), a symbolic link to the new name is in place so that
both CVS names are "valid" for the same repository.

[NOTE: no one has commit access to "xml-cocoon2" anymore, commit to the old
repository is effectively available through its new "cocoon-2-historical"
name. I know this might sound like painful, but it was done to enforce
developers not to commit to the old repository unless they know what they
are doing]

Two new CVS repositories are in place:

- "cocoon-2.0": containing the latest version of the "cocoon-2-historical"
  repository, cocoon_2_0_3_branch.

- "cocoon-2.1": containing the latest version of the "cocoon-2-historical"
  repository, HEAD checkout.

The old "xml-cocoon" repository has now been moved off to "cocoon-1" (and
that contains the full history of the tree, it has just been renamed).

At the same time, all ViewCVS URL have also changes: please take a note of
the new URLs:


The old ViewCVS URL trigger a 301 (permanent redirect) to the new locations
(hopefully search engines and stuff will pick up the redirection quickly

Now everything related to CVS follows the correct ASF-wide naming scheme (no
more xml-* repositories for a top-level-project like Cocoon), and it takes
roughly half of the time to checkout/update both trees on my machine
(because the server has to traverse a much smaller part of the tree).

All the logs of the import are available at <>,
they are quite big, so I spared some bandwidth preventing their divulgation
on the mailing lists (which I believe would have rejected them anyhow).

Also the old deprecated (and now removed, as agreed) "xml-cocoon2-apps"
repository is actually available at the same place, tar-bzip2ed.

This is roughly it. Now, the next step is to move all the mailing list names
from "cocoon-*" to "{1}". Can we schedule a
time when this could be done?


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