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Subject cvs commit: xml-cocoon2/src/documentation/xdocs/howto howto-author-howto.xml
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2002 20:29:10 GMT
shannon     2002/07/03 13:29:10

  Modified:    src/documentation/xdocs/howto howto-author-howto.xml
  Added tip about asking
  for help.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.5       +6 -0      xml-cocoon2/src/documentation/xdocs/howto/howto-author-howto.xml
  Index: howto-author-howto.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-cocoon2/src/documentation/xdocs/howto/howto-author-howto.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.4
  retrieving revision 1.5
  diff -u -r1.4 -r1.5
  --- howto-author-howto.xml	6 Jun 2002 16:59:59 -0000	1.4
  +++ howto-author-howto.xml	3 Jul 2002 20:29:10 -0000	1.5
  @@ -171,6 +171,12 @@
     <s1 title="Tips">
  +	<s2 title="Ask for help when you need it" >
  +Writing effectively about a "glue" framework like Cocoon, which integrates many diverse
technologies, is difficult, no doubt about it. Navigating your way through the CVS, Bugzilla,
the patch process, as well as all of the steps of document creation can be overwhelming at
first. Many of us have "been there" already and are available to help you. Don't hesitate
to ask for assistance on cocoon-docs when you are confronted with a conceptual or technical
problem you can't solve on your own. Don't waste your precious "volunteer" time pulling your
hair out. Still, if you reach a point in your work where you are hopelessly stuck, you can
always leave concise comments in a &lt;fixme&gt; element for others to fill down the
road. This is in tune with open source, community-based development. Contribute what you can,
when you have an irresistible "itch" to "scratch". Others will pick up where you left off.
  +	</s2>
     <s2 title="Starting with a shell document">
   To start your new document, make a copy of this document that you are now

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