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Subject cvs commit: xml-cocoon2/webapp cocoon.xconf
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2001 03:23:33 GMT
vgritsenko    01/07/23 20:23:33

  Modified:    webapp   Tag: cocoon_20_branch cocoon.xconf
  Doc update from Gerhard Froehlich []
  Revision  Changes    Path
  No                   revision
  No                   revision  +36 -4     xml-cocoon2/webapp/cocoon.xconf
  Index: cocoon.xconf
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-cocoon2/webapp/cocoon.xconf,v
  retrieving revision
  retrieving revision
  diff -u -r1.7.2.17 -r1.7.2.18
  --- cocoon.xconf	2001/07/19 17:31:11
  +++ cocoon.xconf	2001/07/24 03:23:33
  @@ -56,12 +56,24 @@
  +  <!-- The ProgamGenerator builts programs from a XML document written in 
  +       a MarkupLanguage.
  +       auto-reload: 
  +       root-package: persistent code repository.
  +       preload:  -->
       <parameter name="auto-reload" value="true"/>
       <parameter name="root-package" value="org.apache.cocoon.www"/>
       <parameter name="preload" value="true"/>
  +  <!-- The JspGenerator selects a JSPEngine component. The JSPEngine component launches

  +       a JSP servlet engine of your servlet container, feeds the HttpRequest into the JSP

  +       servlet engine, and pipes the jsp response as SAX events into Cocoon2. The JSP page

  +       is specified by the HttpRequest. This way you can continue to use your JSP pages.

  +       Your migration from JSP to XSP may be done step by step. You may specify your JSP

  +       pages either as JSP scriptlets or as JSP-XML. But keep in mind that your JSP output

  +       should be valid XML. -->
       <parameter name="servlet-class" value="org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet"/>
       <parameter name="servlet-name" value="*.jsp"/>
  @@ -78,32 +90,46 @@
         <!-- Specifies which formatter to use to format source code.
              This parameter is optional. -->
         <parameter name="code-formatter" value=""/>
  +      <!-- A singleton-like implementation of a ClassLoader -->
         <parameter name="class-loader" value="org.apache.cocoon.components.classloader.ClassLoaderManagerImpl"/>
  +  <!-- A singleton-like implementation of a ClassLoader -->
     <classloader class="org.apache.cocoon.components.classloader.ClassLoaderManagerImpl"/>
  +  <!-- This section defines several builtin logicsheets. A logicsheet is an XML filter
  +       to translate user-defined, dynamic markup into equivalent code embedding directives

  +       for a given markup language. -->
       <xsp-language name="xsp">
         <parameter name="prefix" value="xsp"/>
         <parameter name="uri" value=""/>
  +      <!-- Defines the XSP Core logicsheet for the Java language -->
         <target-language name="java">
           <parameter name="core-logicsheet" value="resource://org/apache/cocoon/components/language/markup/xsp/java/xsp.xsl"/>
  +        <!-- The Request logicsheet (taglib) is an XSP logicsheet that wraps XML tags

  +             around standard request operations -->
             <parameter name="prefix" value="xsp-request"/>
             <parameter name="uri" value=""/>
             <parameter name="href" value="resource://org/apache/cocoon/components/language/markup/xsp/java/request.xsl"/>
  +        <!-- The Response logicsheet (taglib) is an XSP logicsheet that wraps XML tags

  +             around standard response operations -->
             <parameter name="prefix" value="xsp-response"/>
             <parameter name="uri" value=""/>
             <parameter name="href" value="resource://org/apache/cocoon/components/language/markup/xsp/java/response.xsl"/>
  +        <!-- The Session logicsheet (taglib) is an XSP logicsheet that wraps XML tags
  +             standard session operations. Specifically, the Session logicsheet provides
  +             XML interface to most methods of the HttpSession object (see the Java Servlet
  +             Specification, version 2.2 ) for more information. -->
             <parameter name="prefix" value="session"/>
             <parameter name="uri" value=""/>
  @@ -116,6 +142,9 @@
             <parameter name="href" value="resource://org/apache/cocoon/components/language/markup/xsp/java/cookie.xsl"/>
  +        <!-- The ESQL logicsheet is an XSP logicsheet that performs sql queries and

  +             serializes their results as XML. This allows you to work with data from a

  +             wide variety of different sources when using Apache Cocoon. -->
             <parameter name="prefix" value="esql"/>
             <parameter name="uri" value=""/>
  @@ -133,7 +162,9 @@
             <parameter name="uri" value=""/>
             <parameter name="href" value="resource://org/apache/cocoon/components/language/markup/xsp/java/util.xsl"/>
  +        <!-- The xsp-formval taglib serves as interface to retrieve validation results

  +             from a request attribute -->
             <parameter name="prefix" value="xsp-formval"/>
             <parameter name="uri" value=""/>
  @@ -143,6 +174,7 @@
  +    <!-- Defines Sitemap Core logicsheet for the Java language -->
       <sitemap-language name="sitemap">
         <parameter name="prefix" value="map"/>
         <parameter name="uri" value=""/>

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