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From "beichuang" <>
Subject odbc & multi-pages
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2000 14:21:47 GMT
Hello, all

First, thank you DO for your reply.

However, I am using odbc to access database, however, 
 I wonder whether odbc support multi-pages technology with ESQL?
sometimes, a Select request get a large amount records return, so how to
devide all the records into some pages and give user to navigate through
them is a common also impormation feture, so have you ever think of the

I was replied that MySql has this function, but I am using ODBC and MS Access, so anyone know
how to get the function?

BTW: my xsp here
                <ID><esql:get-string column="id"/></ID>
                <FN><esql:get-string column="First_Name"/></FN>

Get the output here:
<ID xmlns:request="">00001</ID>
<FN xmlns:request="">Bill</FN>

but I do not want the attribute 

how can I erase it?

Thank you all, any comments will be appreciated.

best regards

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