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From "beichuang" <>
Subject Correct a mistake comment with JDBC/ODBC and another further question!!
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2000 09:42:51 GMT
hello, all

I verified the Cocoon1.8 & JDBC/ODBC bridge class and Turbine engine again this morning,
and here is my final result:

The adaptor name DBOdbc is no use, as to why I succeed yesterday, maybe I didn't update two file both in webapp directory below tomcat director "tomcat/webapp/"
and my new example directory "webapp/mysamples/".

So it means you have to change a line like this to fool Turbine to load JDBC/ODBC java class:

#a trick to replace informix driver with jdbc2odbc driver
#  processor.xsp.pool.database.adaptor.DBInformix=com.informix.jdbc.IfxDriver

However, I find that if I just define driver in xsp file instead of using tag <esql:use-connection>MyDBOdbc</esql:use-connection>:

                SELECT * FROM tabell1
                <ID><esql:get-string column="ID"/></ID>
                <FN><esql:get-string column="First_Name"/></FN>
                <error>no results were found</error>

then, I won't bother to setup turbine engine in file.
So I wonder what the difference is between using turbine engine or not? any outstanding advantages
with turbine engine?

Addtionally, Now I wonder whether I can set a page-division to my request? Normally, if a
sql request get too many records, I would rather get some fixed amount records each time,
for example, just return 20 records once, but still I have to continue the query, is it easy
to do with cocoon? I know one can get the whole records once, and just display some, but maybe
it is not the best solution, anymore has comments about this? I think it very common, and
maybe can be put into consideration earlier.

Best regards!

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