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Subject cvs commit: xml-cocoon/xdocs installing.xml
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2000 22:52:45 GMT
stefano     00/08/23 15:52:45

  Modified:    xdocs    installing.xml
  added iPlanet
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.21      +45 -1     xml-cocoon/xdocs/installing.xml
  Index: installing.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/xml-cocoon/xdocs/installing.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.20
  retrieving revision 1.21
  diff -u -r1.20 -r1.21
  --- installing.xml	2000/07/23 22:06:22	1.20
  +++ installing.xml	2000/08/23 22:52:45	1.21
  @@ -510,11 +510,55 @@
     <s3 title="Cocoon with JRun and other web servers (iPlanet, IIS, etc)">
  -  <p>Add your sucessful installation method here.  Volunteers welcome!</p>
  +   <p>Add your sucessful installation method here.  Volunteers welcome!</p>
  +  <s2 title="Installing Cocoon on iPlanet Web Server 4.x">
  +   <p>This has been tested on v4.1 under NT 4.</p>
  +   <s3 title="If you prefer working with your file editor">
  +    <p>Edit your <code></code> file in the config
  +    of your server (something like <code>C:\Netscape\Server4\\config</code>),

  +    add the following lines:</p>
  +servlet.cocoon.initArgs=properties=<yourpath to cocoon>/cocoon/conf/]]>
  +    <p>In the <code>jvm12.conf</code>, add all the needed ".jar" to the
<code>jvm.classpath</code> line 
  +    and uncomment it. This would make the following line, for example, if you 
  +    installed Netscape on D: drive:</p>
  +    <source>jvm.classpath=d:/Netscape/Server4/plugins/samples/servlets/beans.10/SDKBeans10.jar;d:/Netscape/Server4/plugins/samples/servlets/beans/SDKBeans.jar;d:/Netscape/Server4/bin/https/jar/Bugbase.jar;d:/Netscape/Server4/bin/https/jar/Calljsac.jar;D:/Netscape/Server4/docs/cocoon/bin/cocoon.jar;D:/Netscape/Server4/docs/cocoon/lib/fop_0_12_1.jar;D:/Netscape/Server4/docs/cocoon/lib/stylebook-1.0-b2.jar;D:/Netscape/Server4/docs/cocoon/lib/xalan_1_0_1.jar;D:/Netscape/Server4/docs/cocoon/lib/xerces_1_0_3.jar</source>
  +    <p>In the file, add the following line (this is made to turn
around a regexp bug in iWS):</p>
  +    <source>@.*[.]xml=cocoon</source>
  +   </s3>
  +   <s3 title="If you prefer the GUI interface">
  +    <p>Everything is in the "Servlets" tab of your server setting:</p>
  +    <ol>
  +     <li>You need to set first "Configure Servlet Attributes". <strong>Don't
try to set the classpath here</strong>. It is of no use :-(</li>
  +      <sl>
  +       <li>Servlet Name: Cocoon</li>
  +       <li>Servlet Code (class name): org.apache.cocoon.Cocoon</li>
  +       <li>Servlet Args: properties=&lt;yourpath to cocoon&gt;/cocoon/conf/
(This is a disk path)</li>
  +      </sl>
  +     <li>Then, go to "Configure JVM Attributes" and add to the classpath the 
  +     path to the cocoon jar (like the jvm.classpath value in the above section)</li>
  +     <li>To finish, go to "Configure Servlet Virtual Path Translation" and add 
  +     the rule for "*.xml" to point to cocoon servlet:</li>
  +     <sl>
  +      <li>Virtual Path: @.*[.]xml</li>
  +      <li>Servlet Name: cocoon</li>
  +     </sl>
  +    </ol>
  +   </s3>
  +  </s2>
     <s2 title="Installing Cocoon on other platforms">
      <p>Yet to be written! <em>Volunteers welcome!</em></p>

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