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Subject cvs commit: xml-cocoon/lib/bin/MacOS Build.readme
Date Sat, 17 Jun 2000 00:01:19 GMT
stefano     00/06/16 17:01:19

  Added:       lib/bin/MacOS Build.readme
  Removed:     .        build.MacOS
               lib/bin  MacOS.bin
  hopefully final MacOS build process
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  xml-cocoon/lib/bin/MacOS/
  # properties file for using "Ant" to build "Cocoon" using MRJAppBuilder = = -Dbasedir=../../../ -buildfile ../../../build.xml =../../ant.jar:../../xerces_1_0_3.jar:../../xalan_1_0_1.jar:../../fop_0_12_1.jar:../../servlet_2_2.jar:$BOOTCLASSPATH
  # Uncomment the following lines to redirect output to file = Ant.stdout = Ant.stderr
  1.1                  xml-cocoon/lib/bin/MacOS/Build.readme
  Index: Build.readme
	Cocoon Version				: 1.7.5-dev
	Build Version		            : 1.0
	: Jeremy Quinn <>
	Date								: 00/06/15

files are to make it easier for MacOS users to compile Cocoon.
	You will need to create "Build"
an Application Wrapper, using Apple's MRJAppBuilder.
	The properties file is pre-set up to
execute Ant's "main" class, and has the correct classpaths
	for the Cocoon 1.7.5-dev release.

Contents:	: Properties file for building Cocoon, optionally overrides built-in
	Build.readme			: this file

	MRJ 2.2 (Mac Runtime for Java)
SDK 2.2, both available from <>
	Using MRJAppBuilder,
make an Application called "Build" in the MacOS folder.
		1. Drag and drop ""
onto MRJAppBuilder
		2. Set up the path to save the Application into the same folder
call it "Build"
		4. Save the Application.
	If you need to override the properties , edit
"Bui" according to the instructions 
	that come with MRJAppBuilder.

your new "Build" Application. Compilation should commence almost immediately.

On Error:
If there is a fatal problem with the compilation, it is possible that "Build"
	will Quit before
you had the chance to see what the error report in the Console window said.
	To overcome this,
uncomment the lines in the "" file that redirect
	error reporting to a file,
so you can read what happened.

Future Releases:
	Future releases of any of the components
that Cocoon uses will typically require
	changes to the names of the packages in the Classpath
sent to Ant.
	Entering those changes into the file "" enables you to 
the properties built-in to the Application.

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