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From "Zhai, Chengxing (398K)" <>
Subject Re: AIST/CMDA meeting minutes 6/22/16
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2016 17:41:24 GMT
Hi Terry,

Thanks a lot for tracking the missing data/anomalous behaviors in services. I think Benyang
has fixed the EOF problem (thanks!).

I have added SST for UKMO/hadgem2-es to data_2016.
NCAR somehow does not output surface wind velocities, “uas”, “vas” (CMIP5 variables).
I added NCAR 3-d air wind (ua, va) so that we can use the wind at 1000hPa as a replacement.
NCC/noresm model does not output the wind speed, so we have to use sqrt(uas^2 + vas^2) to
derive it.
cloud top pressure are available for more than 10 models. The name is “cct”.

Best regards,

— Chengxing

From: "Kubar, Terry (329J-Affiliate)" <<>>
Date: Wednesday, July 13, 2016 at 12:28 PM
To: Chengxing Zhai <<>>,
"Pan, Lei (398K)" <<>>, "Lee, Seungwon
(398K)" <<>>
Cc: Benyang Tang <<>>,
"<>" <<>>
Subject: RE: AIST/CMDA meeting minutes 6/22/16

Hi Chengxing,

I’ve been compiling just a few notes since the last meeting that I was able to attend (on
June 29th), and wanted to pass along before today’s meeting:

•There appears to be an issue with the NASA/QuikSCAT u-winds, as when the EOF analysis is
performed, there’s one large peak just prior to Jan 2006. Similarly there’s something
wrong with v-winds, as there’s a peak in early 2000.  I wonder if the missing data are not
being properly filtered out?  This is done when performing EOF analysis between 100° and
290°, and 25S and 25N, from 1999-08 to 2009-10.

to see what is being referred to here).

•There are a few missing variables from some of the services from some of the coupled models,
and last time Seungwon asked me to keep track of these and send to you.  SST appears to be
missing from UKMO/HadGEM2-ES for the EOF service, though it is available incidentally as a
variable for 2D-maps.

•Near-surface wind speed is also missing for the EOF service for NCC/NORESM (though the
individual u- and v- components are available).
•Both u- and v- winds are not available for the EOF service for the coupled NCAR/CAM5 model.

There may be others, as well, and I’ll continue to keep track of them.  By the way, is cloud
top height (or cloud top temperature) an output variable for any of the coupled models?


From: Zhai, Chengxing (398K)
Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2016 9:04 AM
To: Kubar, Terry (329J-Affiliate) <<>>;
Pan, Lei (398K) <<>>; Lee, Seungwon
(398K) <<>>
Cc: Tang, Benyang (398K) <<>>;<>
Subject: Re: AIST/CMDA meeting minutes 6/22/16

Hi Terry,

This is a good point. Currently, the range of time record is not uniform across different
models and variables. 8 years is indeed kind of short. Let me work on it.

— Chengxing

From: "Kubar, Terry (329J-Affiliate)" <<>>
Date: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 at 6:39 PM
To: "Pan, Lei (398K)" <<>>, "Lee,
Seungwon (398K)" <<>>
Cc: Benyang Tang <<>>,
Chengxing Zhai <<>>,
"<>" <<>>
Subject: RE: AIST/CMDA meeting minutes 6/22/16

Hi Chengxing (et al.),

I know you talked about expanding the number of both AMIP and CMIP models that would be included
in our CMDA Services, but I forgot to ask if the time range would also be increased?  Having
8 years of data are great for a representation of the almost present climate (1997-2005),
but having more than ~15 years would allow users to more thoroughly examine variability at
the interannual timescale, such as ENSO.  I’ve been thinking about this as well for a possible
part of research topic for the summer school.


From: Kubar, Terry (329J-Affiliate)
Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 3:32 PM
To: Pan, Lei (398K) <<>>; Lee,
Seungwon (398K) <<>>
Cc: Tang, Benyang (398K) <<>>;
Zhai, Chengxing (398K) <<>>;<>
Subject: RE: AIST/CMDA meeting minutes 6/22/16

Dear All,

Good meeting today, and I’m glad that I refreshed my memory of how to look at where all
the data are!

Here is a link to the very high resolution SST data that I learned about a couple of weeks
ago at the MODIS Science Team meeting:

Also, I’m not sure if the following is a link to a slightly different iteration, or a more
general site:

I’m hoping to use these fine-scale SSTs for my own research in the near future, and they
could possibly be a dataset (or datasets) for CMDA as well.  I’ll explore them some more.
 As Lei mentioned, I will also explore some of the most useful MODIS monthly cloud products
that could be added before the summer school.


From: Pan, Lei (398K)
Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 3:07 PM
To: Lee, Seungwon (398K) <<>>
Cc: Tang, Benyang (398K) <<>>;
Zhai, Chengxing (398K) <<>>;
Kubar, Terry (329J-Affiliate) <<>>;<>
Subject: AIST/CMDA meeting minutes 6/22/16

. Lei
  . worked with Qihao to finalize the Docker container for summer school
    a simplified “slow down” in provenance downloading is to stop after error is seen
  . worked on the new feature to handle “plotting failed” scenario,
    testing needed

. Terry
  .  question: what new data sets are there this year?
     go to: ssh -p 8022 tkubar@cmda-dev:/mnt/data_2015/data_2016
     to find out
  .  need a dedicated deployment of CMDA for his science exploration
     Lei will deploy to cmda-prototype once our first cut of the Docker
     container for summer school 2016 is ready
  . perhaps add some modis cloud data sets?

. Chengxing
  . downloaded
    all from ops4mips
    ecmwf all 3D data
  . need to run regridding to some data sets
  . Kai will design a topic
    and may need new data sets
  . the data sets will be available the week
    after next (will be at a conference next week)
  . fixed the regridding service (temporal ranges adjustable now)
  . need to finish zonal means

Please fill in whatever I have missed in this minutes.

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