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From "Pan, Lei (398K)" <>
Subject Re: Retirement?
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2016 23:09:42 GMT
Ok. We will discuss this more when the PI of this
project returns from her business trip.


On 6/4/16, 3:10 AM, "Ted Dunning" <> wrote:

>This is pretty similar to what has been said before.
>It sounds like there are very strong and natural pressures and social
>structures that make it hard to really conduct development in the open. It
>may well be that conducting the development the way it has been going in
>the past (i.e. not on the mailing list) is more natural and efficient than
>conducting the development in the Apache style.
>As such, it might really be better to embrace that alternative development
>style. Just going ahead and saying that this is a research group project
>might be a better thing that trying to force the project into an unnatural
>Apache style.
>As Chris mentions, not all projects should be Apache projects. For many
>projects, trying to do work in the Apache style is actually a bad thing
>rather than a good thing.
>To me, it really sounds like this is one of those cases.
>On Sat, Jun 4, 2016 at 9:59 AM, Pan, Lei (398K) <>
>> Hi Chris:
>> I agree that we need to put more effort in
>> ³getting the Apache way.² Since meeting with
>> Michael Joyce, we have made some progress.
>> Some project emails were copied to this mailing
>> list, although recently we lost that momentum.
>> We have created 17 issues on the JIRA tracking
>> system, among them 6 are closed, 3 are resolved,
>> and 8 are open. We will being using JIRA more.
>> Regarding the monthly report, I am working on
>> this month¹s. For last month, I have collected
>> a partial list of accomplishments and we used
>> this JIRA issue:
>> for the draft. We were late, but then were
>> told that ³no report is required this month.²
>> So I did not publish a final report to the wiki.
>> I apologize for that, and if it still makes
>> a difference I can make it up for last month.
>> A real challenge to CMDA is how to build a
>> community, with outside developers joining
>> the effort. One idea is to bring in summer
>> students from Caltech or other universities.
>> We are going to do it this summer. For a user
>> community, we will use this August¹s JPL-Caltech
>> climate summer school to find more users.
>> We will make our best efforts to use this
>> mailing list more. Any ideas/suggestions on
>> how to build a community is more than welcome!
>> Thanks,
>> -Lei
>> On 6/3/16, 7:02 PM, "Mattmann, Chris A (3980)"
>> <> wrote:
>> >Hi Folks,
>> >
>> >As a mentor for the project, I can¹t help but notice the following:
>> >
>> >1. Lack of submitting reports (we are now 2 months behind after
>> >missing many reports before that)
>> >2. An inclination to conduct work outside of Apache and to instead of
>> >conducting work here at the ASF, to push large amounts of work, or
>> >summaries here as a necessity/requirement, instead of as the lifeblood
>> >for the project.
>> >3. Lack of discussion and/or context around where the project is going.
>> >
>> >I don¹t think this is a judgement against anyone that participated in
>> >wanting to bring the project here to Apache - but more-so - some
>> >projects just never seem to get the Apache way for whatever reason.
>> >Perhaps it¹s not the way you are used to operating, and it¹s too
>> >difficult for you to change your current ways, etc.
>> >
>> >I¹ve seen a lot of threads on this list, and/or else-where, and I
>> >myself along with Michael Joyce have sat down in person at JPL and
>> >elsewhere trying to meet with folks in CMDA to explain Apache to
>> >the CMDA PPMC, but I just don¹t really see a change in behavior.
>> >
>> >We need to be realistic in whether or not Apache is the right place
>> >for CMDA as an open source community. So I¹m starting this thread
>> >to discuss that. Apache has an ³Attic² where projects can retire,
>> >if there is lack of community here at the ASF. The code can still
>> >be forked/worked on elsewhere in accordance with our license.
>> >
>> >Is that what is needed here?
>> >
>> >Chris
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