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From "Lee, Seungwon (398K)" <>
Subject CMDA Project Activity
Date Wed, 12 Aug 2015 22:44:46 GMT
Here is a report from our project meeting today.

New web services to be available by next Monday:

‹ Two-variable conditional sampling: Chengxing has finished developing the
back-end application. Benyang will make a front-end HTML file to call the
back-end application.

‹ Regridding/downloading: We are dealing with a file concatenation issue
at the last stage after the function creates a list of files in time
series. The issue is related to the file name containing special
characters (Chengxing, please add more details of the issue).

‹ Time-lagged correlation map: We are mostly done with the final HTML file

Data source/variable and data time range:

‹ Benyang is developing a Javascript to capture the time range of the
dataset dynamically when a user selects model source and variable name
(basically when a dataset is selected). The time range will be displayed
next to the variable name so the user is informed about the time range of
the dataset before selecting their time range for their execution.

‹ The Earthkit accounts for students are all set up. The account
information is sent to CMU so they can prepare their provenance database
and student user profiles.
‹ After JPL provides a new CMDA code to CMU, CMU will incorporate it into
their provenance system and create a Docker image (virtual machine) and
send it to JPL. JPL will install the Docker image in an Amazon cloud
machine and configure it for data directories and port numbers. Once it is
working, all JPL and CMU developers will use the same cloud instance to
fine-tune the code until the summer school.

JPL Climate Center Summer School:
‹ JPL summer school will be held from August 31-September 4. There will be
24 students attending the school. JPL scientists are preparing group
research topics for students to work on while using our tool/dataset.

Dr. Seungwon Lee
Technical Group Supervisor
Science Data Modeling and Computing (398K)
Instrument Software and Science Data System Section (398)
Jet Propulsion LaboratoryCalifornia Institute of Technology
Tel: +1-818-393-7720
Cell: +1-818-397-2284

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